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Why is the FICO score formula not published? Because then all of us would know how to get around the FICO credit system, but there is a better way to increase your FICO score…And that is to be debt-free!

Did you know that 35% of your credit score consists of the length of your credit history? The credit bureaus are looking at your debt load and factoring these dollar amounts into your credit rating.

The next is 30% is based upon your debt level. So the amount of debt that you’re carrying. So guess what, the more debt you carry, the better your FICO score gets. Well, that also has a problem on the other side. And I’ll just digress really quick. When your debt usage is high and you try to go get a mortgage or another line of credit. They look at a thing called DTI debt to income ratio. Well, you can’t keep on strapping on more debt and expect to get more. So look where that takes you. That takes you down a path of staying in debt.


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