How TruVest Makes a Difference

Real estate has the power to transform lives. Real estate has the power to transform entire communities.


At TruVest, we’re passionate about real estate – because we’re passionate about making an impact on our world.

We do this in three different ways.

With TruHome, we empower hard-working families by helping them overcome the obstacles and purchase their first home. Not only do we build high-quality, affordable houses – but we provide education and assistance to guide our buyers through the complicated process. We help families break out of the “cycle of renting” and transform their life through the power of homeownership.

Additionally, TruVest provides high-quality construction services for clients in Southern Indiana. We’re not your average contractor! We’re a Full-Service General Contractor, which means that we handle every step of every project with our in-house team, instead of farming out projects to sub-contractors. This allows us to ensure that each project is completed on-time, on-budget, and with the highest standards of quality.

With TruRealEstate, we serve local real estate investors who want to earn additional monthly income within their community. We specialize in building, rehabbing, and renovating homes for real estate investors.

TruFund is an asset-based real estate investment fund. We deliver consistent returns to our investors – but it’s bigger than that. We focus much of our investments on underserved housing markets – making it possible for people to purchase a home who otherwise would be forced to rent. It’s a financially-sound investment, and it transforms lives at the same time.

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