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Transform Yourself into a Real Estate Investing Rock Star!

TRU Entrepreneur

Program Overview:

TruVest, LLC is looking to establish a network of independent individuals who desire the potential opportunity to earn additional monthly income within their local geographic area, working within the Real Estate industry.

This work is to be performed solely as an “Independent Contractor” compensated on both performance and ultimate success criteria. Each “Specialist” will be compensated based upon transactions that he or she successfully closes (Real Estate Note(s) that are successfully sold or purchased). Additionally, Specialist can earn a “quarterly incentive” based upon his or her production within said quarter. The specialist will be paid once a month on a specified date via ACH or bank transfer.

Specialists will utilize their means to locate potential real estate notes available for purchase, which is fully compliant with the Company’s specific buying criteria. (Criteria information will be supplied upon acceptance and formal entry into the program). The specialist will prospect via telephone, mail, e-mail and other communication channels that are approved by the Company. The specialist will be provided access to several proprietary websites, data, and potential lead sources that the Specialist will utilize to upload, track, and close Real Estate Note transactions.

Program Specific Requirements:

  • Reliable transportation
  • Computer & Printer
  • Internet connection
  • Smartphone (For App usage)
  • Active phone or cell phone number to initiate or receive calls • Able to dedicate at least 25 hours per week to manage Sales/Leads
  • Complete understanding of sales process
  • Computer skills (CRM, E-‐‐mail, Microsoft Office, PDF Documents)
  • Ability to contact prospects via e-‐‐mail, phone, mail, or in person daily
  • Outstanding Customer Service Skills
  • Effective communication skills (To educate potential prospects in the process)
  • Desired Program Qualifications:
    • Only self-motived and driven participants
  • Prior real estate experience
  • Ability to learn quickly in a dynamic environment
  • Cold calling and marketing experience
  • Prior mortgage experience
  • Ability to learn about real estate note investing
    Program Selection Process:
  • Potential Specialist must complete Real Estate Note program Application
  • Schedule a telephone appointment to discuss the program with the Managing Partner

Once Accepted

  • You will be sent a copy of our “Real Estate Note Program Agreement” and formal “Non-Disclosure Agreement.”
  • You will Execute both Agreements online Via DocuSign
  • Accepted Program and NonDisclosure Agreements will be emailed back to you
  • You must complete all necessary 1099 paperwork as well


  • Schedule a meeting with the Managing Partner to discuss territory
  • Q&A session regarding real estate notes
  • Managing Partner will provide system access at this time
  • Provide overview of all systems used for Program
  • Discuss and outline overall expectations and goals of Program participants