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Real estate has the power to transform communities and lives, and we are leading the way.

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Making an impact at every level

We?re passionate about real estate.

But even more than that, we?re passionate about making an impact across the cities we collaborate with, communities, and neighborhoods we serve, and creating value in the places that make a difference.

We?re helping hard-working families achieve homeownership with sustainable, quality affordable homes. Enabling them with “Flex Housing” and financing options to create a path to break away from predatory landlords and financing that limits their upward mobility and quality of life.

We partner with real estate investors. Helping them locate, develop, and rehab properties to build asset value that produce consistent impact real-estate investing income and returns. While being able to provide quality housing for families, and making a difference.

We are disrupting real estate

"TruVest offers a product that is unique in our marketplace.? The desire to adaptively reuse older homes as affordable housing can help reduce the cost to low-income homebuyers and at the same time help the environment by curbing urban sprawl.??Infill housing uses existing developed space and keeps neighborhoods intact.?

? Kelley Coures, Executive Director Community Development, City of Evansville Indiana