Transparency = Caring

I hope you had a great week! For the past few weeks, we have been finishing up one of our properties in Indiana. We have agreed to sell it with owner...

Creating Value Means What…..

Earlier this week I spoke with a good friend about how he handles his LinkedIn account and online experiences. He told me that the majority of his connections were just looking...
The Platform Journey

What a Week!

This past week was full of so many emotions! We commenced beta testing for our due diligence platform, and also purchased 2 assets in Indiana. The launch of the platform by...

A Huge MileStone

I have to say I am a proud Papa Today! We have met a huge milestone! We are excited to announce the TruExchange Platform is ready for beta testers. Thank you for...

The Platform Journey-Asset Details

Have You Ever Felt Lost?

Have You Ever Felt Lost? It seems like I misplaced my Crystal Ball Has this ever happened to you? That is how I felt this week, and all that I needed was just a...
The Platform Journey

This Week Has Been Challenging!

This week has been Challenging and Rewarding The Platform is coming to LIFE! Dashboard has gone from mock-up to development Had a Discussion during the week with an individual that watched the dashboard video...

The Platform Journey-Dashboard Mock-Up
The Platform Journey

I Put Everything I Had Into It

I put everything I had into it Just could not imagine it would turn out this way How can you go from “zero” to a functional mock-up in a week? That is what I...
The Platform Journey

I Couldn’t Believe It!!!

I Couldn’t Believe It! I did not know what to do! I have never built a platform But John and Mike have really stepped up and have gotten knee deep with me (Not their...


A Good Mix of Content Yields the Greatest Social Media ROI

Social media is too easy to make big mistakes—yet more than half of REALTORS® polled in a recent Realtors Property Resource® (RPR®) study said they aren’t getting the expected ROI on their social media investments. Actually, the answer is simple. “Market activity reports, neighborhood data, buying and selling tips, and home improvement ideas offer agents a chance to communicate both market knowledge and valuable information to potential buyers and sellers, building a lasting relationship over time.” Here are Nicolay’s top five strategies for REALTORS® who want to consistently engage and grow their spheres of influence above and beyond posting listings: Build a 3Ps social media bucket. Position yourself as a subject-matter expert. Post less about listings and more about the market, like housing data and neighborhood activity. Keep it simple. Also, join groups on topics that relate to you. Creating a custom audience on Facebook is easy. Don’t be camera-shy. Video marketing is more persuasive, increases sales, and will boost standings on Google search.