Transparency = Caring

I hope you had a great week! For the past few weeks, we have been finishing up one of our properties in Indiana. We have agreed to sell it with owner...

Creating Value Means What…..

Earlier this week I spoke with a good friend about how he handles his LinkedIn account and online experiences. He told me that the majority of his connections were just looking...
The Platform Journey

What a Week!

This past week was full of so many emotions! We commenced beta testing for our due diligence platform, and also purchased 2 assets in Indiana. The launch of the platform by...

A Huge MileStone

I have to say I am a proud Papa Today! We have met a huge milestone! We are excited to announce the TruExchange Platform is ready for beta testers. Thank you for...

The Platform Journey-Asset Details

Have You Ever Felt Lost?

Have You Ever Felt Lost? It seems like I misplaced my Crystal Ball Has this ever happened to you? That is how I felt this week, and all that I needed was just a...
The Platform Journey

This Week Has Been Challenging!

This week has been Challenging and Rewarding The Platform is coming to LIFE! Dashboard has gone from mock-up to development Had a Discussion during the week with an individual that watched the dashboard video...

The Platform Journey-Dashboard Mock-Up
The Platform Journey

I Put Everything I Had Into It

I put everything I had into it Just could not imagine it would turn out this way How can you go from “zero” to a functional mock-up in a week? That is what I...
The Platform Journey

I Couldn’t Believe It!!!

I Couldn’t Believe It! I did not know what to do! I have never built a platform But John and Mike have really stepped up and have gotten knee deep with me (Not their...


Home price appreciation shows first signs of slowing down

While aggregate senior home equity has consistently risen in the last several years, will its growth taper off as appreciation slows? The RMMI also reached an all-time high in Q1, climbing to 244.73 thanks to an estimated $182 billion increase in home values. "As home price appreciation begins to slow, homeowner equity, the largest source of wealth for most middle class American households, will grow more slowly." "An actual decline in wealth is much less likely, and it’s just a matter of time before the wealth of senior homeowners exceeds $7 trillion," he said. Furthermore, May saw its lowest appreciation in the last four years, which is surprising as it’s typically one of the strongest months of the year for home price gains. What’s slowing it down? A recent report from Freddie Mac stated mortgage rates reached their fourth-highest level of 2018, and S&P Dow Jones Indices and CoreLogic indicated rates are growing at least twice the rate of inflation. Earlier this year, President Donald Trump announced he would implement various trade tariffs internationally, some of which have affected the housing industry. Particularly, lumber taxes have increased the overall cost of homebuilding. But senior home equity has maintained steady growth over the years, and while this could begin to slow a little as home price appreciation fumbles, it doesn't detract from the fact that seniors have nearly $7 trillion in tappable equity.