TruVest helps renters overcome the hurdles to buying a safe, affordable, energy-efficient home.

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We build the homes ourselves so we can make sure they’re safe, energy-efficient, and affordable.

Our home buyers often pay less for their mortgage in a good neigh-borhood than they paid for rent in their old neighborhood.

We work with non-profits to help you fix your credit and come up with your down payment.

If you’re tired of throwing your money away every month on rent,

you need a way to beat the system designed to keep renters renting and make landlords rich.

Problem is…
If you’ve never bought a home, it’s hard to know where to start,
where to get the help you need, and how to qualify for a home loan instead of a payday loan.

TruVest makes it possible to buy your own home.

At TruVest, we believe that people who are willing to commit to improving their credit, cleaning up past issues, and maintaining one of our beautiful built-from-scratch affordable homes, deserve to get the help they need to make homeownership a reality.

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  • We find up-and-coming neighborhoods with good schools where we can build affordable homes.

  • We build the homes ourselves, so we can keep construction costs and mortgages low ($600-$900/mo).

  • We work with potential home buyers, helping them overcome the hurdles that would otherwise keep them stuck in the black hole of bad credit and a renter lifestyle.

  • Our buyers are often single parents and unconventional families for whom owning a home was just a dream before TruVest.

  • We have excellent connections with non-profits who help our buyers clean up past credit issues, qualify for loans, and get help with down payments.

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5 Steps to Buying Your Own Home With TruVest

1. Clean up Past Issues.

We help you identify what you need to do to clear up any past issues and create a roadmap for you to follow to home ownership.

2. Get Access to Resources.

We connect you with non-profits who help with credit consulting, access to down payment funds, and more.

3. Qualify!

You qualify for a safe, affordable home in a good location that saves you money on future energy costs.

4. Get Ongoing Support.

We celebrate your milestones with you and help you handle issues that might come up along the way.

5. Love Being a Homeowner.

You enjoy living in your own home where your hard-earned money goes to building your equity… not making your landlord rich.

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What the neighbors have to say about TruVest

“Our landlord kept increasing the rent and not fixing our mold issue. We are so happy to be homeowners now!”

“As a single mom, I never thought I would own my own home. TruVest helped it happen.”

“I had some issues with my credit I needed to clean up. TruVest was with me every step.”

“TruVest helped me know exactly what I needed to do to qualify for and buy my home. I’m so grateful for their help.”

“My daughter will go to a better school now, thanks to TruVest.”

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TruVest is a good fit for want-to-be home-owners who:

  • Are willing to do the work to improve their credit score.

  • Follow through on the steps they’re given to repair past issues.

  • Want to live in a better neighborhood and be good neighbors.

  • Work with recommended resources to come up with a down payment.

  • Want to build equity instead of throwing money away on rent.

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