Why Your Website Isn't Getting You the Sales You Need

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A high performing website is like having a 24/7 salesman. This sales rep works for you while you sleep, play, serve clients, spend time with family or work in the business — every single hour and second of the day your site can be growing your business. If it’s optimized, it’s working like a well-trained salesman — attracting leads, inviting potential clients to see your products, conversing with them, setting appointments and closing sales. It’s a tireless worker that never sleeps, works all year round and serves as another pillar of your business success.

On the flip side, if your website isn’t optimized, you have an under-utilized selling machine. And with statistics showing that 97 percent of local businesses are now found online, it’s a significant loss to your business to not understand why your website isn’t collecting leads, helping you make sales, and building up your marketing engine. Whether you’re in business to sell construction services, coaching, software, online products or anything really — there’s a high likelihood your potential clients are finding you online. But, getting seen is only part of the equation; what matters is what your website does once a prospect or lead finds you.

Your website has two primary jobs — if it’s not doing them, it’s not optimized.

If your website doesn’t do a few things, it’s just a salesman that can’t do its primary job. In my one of my many conversations with Ryan Stewman, the CEO of Hardcore Closer, he told me, “All salesmen are really in two businesses. They are in the lead generation business and the closing business. The best salesman knows how to generate their leads and how to close sales. And the best way to do that is through traffic on…