Why Winter is Actually a Great Time to Build a Home

Homebuyers and builders alike often assume that new home construction is best suited for the warmer months of spring and summer. Many perceive cold temperatures and harsh weather to be the source of complications and delays to the building process, but the notion that winter is a bad time to build is simply not true. In fact, there are several distinct advantages to starting a build in the colder months. Whether buyer or builder, all can learn from these little-known facts about building in winter:

1. Shorter Build Times

The average custom home takes about nine months to build, from start to finish. But starting in the winter can cut down significantly on this time frame, for several reasons:

• The volume of homes is much lower, so construction teams are able to devote more time to individual homes and complete many of them faster.
• The many professionals involved in a home build—including engineers, subcontractors, designers and trim carpenters—are not as busy in the winter.
• Building permits take less time because fewer people are applying during the winter.

2. Personal Attention

Starting a build in the winter also offers customers much more personal attention than they might receive during busier months. Because subcontractors, construction crews, engineers, designers and everyone in between are less busy during the winter, they can more readily devote time to each customer, walking them through the process and answering their questions without feeling the usual time crunch.

3. Help from Nature

You might find that Mother Nature is more cooperative during the winter than you originally perceived. In fact, a few environmental aspects of starting a build in the winter actually…