When most people hear the word blockchain, they think Bitcoin. In the near future, they’ll also think digital marketing.

In fact, some people are already giving the connection between blockchain and digital marketing some serious thought.

Since December 2017, search interest in blockchain has increasingly shown a positive correlation with digital marketing, as well as the potential to converge with search interest in digital marketing. These trend lines appear similar to the the trend lines of search interest in MarTech and AdTech, which converged over a period of 5 years.

So why do digital marketing and blockchain appear to be approaching convergence right now?

Because the trend is still developing, it’s difficult to say. But Jeremy Epstein might have an answer next week.

The Martech Connection

One possible reason for the convergence of blockchain and digital marketing can be found by examining other industry trends. Over the past five years, literally thousands of martech enterprises have been developed, which has gotten some people to see adtech as just another form of marketing technology (i.e., two sides of the same coin).

And as people have started thinking of adtech and martech as two sides of the same coin, they’ve also started seeing how that coin could have greater currency if each side complimented and worked to enhance the value of the other.

According to Joe Stanhope, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, adtech and martech are converging for these economically advantageous reasons, which spell the potential to drive both “economic throughput” and “contextual marketing” at the same time—i.e., the opportunity to package industry unity, healthier bottom lines, and increased reach all in one.