fresh food access, Redfin

At the beginning of each year, many people promise to revamp their health and fitness routine, often starting with a new diet of fresh fruits and veggies. But as Redfin’s latest fresh-food access study reveals, some Americans have to trek a little further to get homegrown food.

Once again, New York City was ranked no. 1 for fresh food access since 75 percent of New Yorkers live no more than five minutes away from a grocery store or year-round farmers market. Philadelphia (64 percent) and Miami (57 percent) rounded out the top three with over half of residents having quick access to fresh produce.

Boston (45 percent to 54 percent), Miami (49 percent to 57 percent) and Baltimore (41 percent to 49 percent) showed the biggest improvements in fresh-food access, with gains of nearly 10 percent since 2014.

Source: Redfin

Redfin chief economist Nela Richardson said people often take fresh food access for granted, and don’t understand how it impacts the day-to-day lives of those who live in food deserts — cities where few residents have a grocery store or year-round farmers market within a five-minute walk.

“While visiting my grandfather’s hometown in South Carolina last summer, the only grocery store there had burned down and residents…