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If you crave work-life balance, then we’ve got important news for New Yorkers: Move to Grand Rapids, MI, and you’ll be a whole lot happier.

Those are the findings of new research by Magnify Money, a personal finance website, which compared the top 50 metros in the U.S. based on the length of residents’ commutes, how much sleep they get, the percentage of income spent on housing, and other factors that affect work-life balance.

It’s no big surprise, of course, that New York City came in dead last, with the longest average commute time (over 35 minutes) and 41% confessing to not getting enough shut-eye. They don’t call it the “city that never sleeps” for nothing!

The Big Apple is followed by Miami (which ranks at the top of the list for percentage of income spent on housing), Philadelphia, and Los Angeles (which ranks as having the fifth-worse commute, at over 30 minutes, which is actually not as bad as most Californians would guess).

The city with the best work-life balance, Grand Rapids, earned this honor by boasting a commute of under 22 minutes, housing costs that eat up only 18% of residents’ incomes, and 56% of its denizens reporting to be in “very good health.”

The second-best city for work-life balance was deemed to be Salt Lake City followed by another Michigan city, Minneapolis.

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