There is a big difference between a rental real estate mogul and someone who manages a handful of properties they rent to local residents — especially when it comes to marketing. Real estate corporations and investors with dozens of homes in their portfolios are marketing all the time. They have invested in fancy websites and constant social media campaigns because there is always another unit to fill and another tenant moving out in the near future. For local landlords and property managers, however, you could go months or even years between times when a home is empty and in need of marketing.

What this ultimately means is that you need efficient, unique and fast-acting advertisement strategies that get your message out to locals when homes are available, and not when they aren’t. In addition to the popular home-listing sites, social media is perfect for this approach. It gives you fast, widespread access to locals who may be looking for new homes and helps you make use of any online networking you’ve already done. Let’s explore a few social media techniques that can draw attention to an available home in a friendly and welcoming way.

Change Your Page Banner

For many social media platforms, you can set a personal page or channel banner image that shows a large picture on your profile. As an individual, you may have used this for pictures of family, travel photos, pets or a hobby you’re involved in. But when you’re tenant-hunting, try a different approach.

Replace your page banner with a picture of the home from the perspective of your “for rent” sign. Try to get an attractive shot that makes it absolutely clear that the home featured is available for a new renter. There will be no confusion that anyone interested in renting should contact you through your social media account.

Pin A Gallery Of Photos

Several platforms allow you to “pin” a favorite recent post and essentially stick it to the top of your feed or profile page to share with everyone who comes along. When turning over a rental property is the perfect time to update your active pin to showcase more pictures of the home. Start with a picturesque outdoor or living room shot, and include a few of your best interior photos — as many as the platform will allow.