Create a Secure Future Tomorrow!

TRU Impact Investing-Social good and return on investment

Asset Based Real-Estate Investing For Social Good. Delivering Consistent Returns.

  • We invest in the future of cities housing to create sustainable affordable housing. improving the quality of life of families as homeowners, and making an impact on the cities economy and neighborhoods.
  • We invest in low-income census tract areas in need of economic development and Opportunity Zones with distressed assets and cities Land Bank properties in need of redevelopment.
  • Investing in improving cities, neighborhoods and families lives by developing local collaborative collective partnerships with the cities Economic Development & Opportunity Zones groups, local banks, Non-profits, neighborhood associations, and churches.
  • Our local collaborative impact investing approach enables us to use a density development strategy. Focusing on specific cities and neighborhoods so we are able to change the social economics at scale.
  • Responsible investing with a social & moral compass- We live by the Golden Rule
  • Generating conservative asset-based annual returns of 12%.
  • Fees: 20% of the profits with 1% management fee. 

The Investment Pillars of TruFund

Family Residences

We invest in developing single and multi-family residential. Purchasing undervalued assets in the form of non-performing bank notes, REO’s, landbank development land.

Distressed Properties

Renovation of blighted homes that have been neglected, or distressed due to localized socio-economic issues, or reclaimed by cities for violations in need of rehab.

Defaulted Bank Note

We invest in notes that no longer fit the banks or financial institutions criteria. Taking the time to work with homeowners and families to regain their financial footing and stay in their homes.

Real Estate Investment Fact: Real Estate Note Investments were a $113
Billion segment in 2016, and the trend is increasing!

Upsides of Real Estate Note Investing:

  • Proven Strategies
  • Bespoke and Flexible Investments
  • Secured by real estate Equity
  • Doing Well by Doing Good