Top Ten Things to Look For In A Realtor

To Connie De Groot, a rising-star of a Beverly Hills real estate agent in Coldwell Bankers No. 1 office worldwide, choosing a full-time real estate agent isn’t about anti-competitive behavior or shutting out part-time discounters.

It’s about obtaining full-time service for the full-time job of selling or buying what’s likely the owner’s or buyer’s greatest asset, says De Groot whose agent-to-the stars position in the high-priced West Los Angeles market doesn’t hurt when it comes to her sales consistently ranking in the top 2 percentile among Coldwell Banker agents worldwide.

With full-time service, says De Groot, comes value that offsets savings customers expect from a discounter.

“If someone represents a client ever so often, how can they negotiate with someone who is out there looking and negotiating week after week?” she asks.

In order to have knowledge about the market you must be always involved. An agent who is seeing new properties every week, and or looking on the weekends, will offer that advantage to a buyer or seller,” she adds.

With a full-time agent as the No. 1 quality to seek in a real estate agent, here’s De Groot’s “Top Ten Things to Look For In A Realtor.”

Get a licensed agent working full time. Full service means the agent is working for you whenever you are in need. Full time agents are best prepared to resolve problems that crop up during negotiations and inspections as well as those that occur after the purchase.

“How can you possibly advise someone on an offer price when you haven’t seen many of the homes that sold recently? It makes sense that someone who is doing something full time can offer more than someone who is part time or with a partial commitment to this industry. The top firms offer education and national and international networks to promote a property. There are reasons why agents stay with these firms even when the commission splits with discount firms seem better,” says De Groot, who, with her own celebrity-style visage, was recently featured on “Real Estate Confidential,” a behind-the-scenes look at the business of buying and selling real estate. The show runs on E.W. Scripps Co.’s Fine Living Network, a sister network to HGTV.

• Get an agent with passion, enthusiasm and dedication. This is the agent who goes the extra…