Whether you’re flipping a property or simply looking to get the best price for your home once it’s time to sell, you need to be smart about where you invest your time and resources. Not every room or feature is equally important, real estate mogul Barbara Corcoran tells CNBC Make It.

“Realize that the buyer walks in and judges that house within 30 seconds,” she says. So focus on the areas that prospective buyers will see immediately.

The first thing a buyer is going to see isn’t even inside the house: It’s the exterior, including features like your front door, mailbox, lawn and driveway.

To ensure that your home makes a great first impression, “you want to spruce up the front entrance to your house, repaint the door, make sure the bushes look good, make sure the garden looks in order and power-wash the sidewalk and the driveway,” says Corcoran.

Real estate expert Sean Conlon agrees that your home’s street presence, or “curb appeal,” is crucial. “Your lawn should look beautiful,”…