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You may have heard that spring and summer are the top home-selling seasons, and that fall is as dead as those leaves piling up on your lawn. But don’t be fooled.

“Fall is actually a great time to sell your home,” says real estate agent Carola Encarnacion of DJK Residential in New York City. “There’s less competition, and the market is still very active.”

So if your house is on the market right now, take heart! And heed what many experts say is the one best thing you can do to reel in buyers: Give your home an autumn upgrade with some staging.

To the uninitiated: Staging is the technique sellers use to showcase their home at its best through upgrading furniture and decor. And celebrating all things autumnal is the way to do it successfully now.

To tap into the fall frenzy, here are some staging tips that will help your home exude a cozy ambiance that’ll get those offers rolling in.

Home staging all starts at your door

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Focusing on curb appeal is the perfect way to get off on the right fall foot, says Amber Harris, a real estate agent with Washington, DC–based Keller Williams Capital Properties and owner of At Home DC, an interior decorating firm.

“Place a few potted mums in seasonal colors near the door, and add a simple, natural wreath made of faux leaves or even wheat,” she recommends. A wheelbarrow piled with pumpkins is a nice accent, but, she warns, “make sure they aren’t being eaten by squirrels or starting to rot.”

Complete the vignette with a cute fall-themed doormat and shined-up light fixtures to greet guests, as the sun will soon be starting to make an early exit.

And while fall leaves are great to jump in, they are not so fantastic littering the lawn of the home you are trying to sell. So make sure that you take care of any errant foliage before potential buyers arrive.

Think autumn, not Halloween

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It turns out that while autumn appears to be fairly…