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Everyone knows that living in Beverly Hills, California, or Greenwich, Connecticut, doesn’t come cheap. But how much, exactly, does it take to live there? A recent report by personal finance site GOBankingRates spells it out, naming the most expensive ZIP codes in each state and determining what it costs to comfortably live there.

Considering the cost of an average mortgage in the area, plus healthcare costs and daily living expenses like groceries, utilities and transportation, the report estimates the annual income required to live in each town – and the results are staggering.

The estimates are based on the “50-30-20 rule,” which dictates that 50% of a person’s income will be spent on necessities, 30% will be left for discretionary spending and the remaining 20% will be reserved for savings.

Based on these factors, here are the top 10 most expensive cities and the annual salary required to live there.

  1. Sagaponack, New York: $853,738

Located near the eastern tip of Long Island in the town of Southampton, Sagaponack is the perfect weekend getaway for New York City’s wealthy elite. The median home price was $5.5 million in 2016 and $2.8 million in 2017, according to Property Shark, making it one the most expensive places to live in the U.S.

  1. Beverly Hills, California: $692,388

Everyone knows…