You may ask yourself from time to time, how many lists can we possibly have? Or need? I should make a list of lists the world needs.

Well, maybe another day. Today I want to give you a very short list. You must understand and accept every word.

Do not talk to a bank.

Do not look at the MLS.

Do not casually consider whether you want a SFR or a multifamily property.

Do not research what subject to means.

Do not pass Go.

Before you do any of that, these are two not-optional, mandatory, must-understand, can’t-be-avoided rules that every new real estate investor must understand:

Not-Optional Rule 1

Your significant other must support what you want to do. Otherwise, your life will be miserable and you will end up divorced. Or dead.

Been there, done that. It was not cheap.

Not-Optional Rule 2

Remember that other people don’t live…