For those of you who don’t know who I am, I’m proud to say that to date, I’ve been involved in over 500 real estate transactions. I was able to acquire all of the properties using various strategies, but one in particular that I really like to talk about is using Craigslist. In 2014, over the span of about five months, I was able to acquire 34 properties, and I did it by stalking Craigslist every single day. For breakfast, lunch, and dinner, I was stalking Craigslist.

How to Find Deals on Craigslist

Now, what you have to do is first have enough capital to acquire a property with cash because a lot of the properties listed on Craigslist are very distressed, rundown, and may have back taxes or a tax lien. So, you have to have the capital to be able to buy and close on them quickly because you probably won’t be able to get a loan.

Another thing you need to do is immerse yourself in everything in your particular target area. Within your zip code, you should know what un-renovated properties are selling for, what renovated properties are selling for, the prices that wholesalers list properties for in that area, who the top performing real estate agents in the area are, and who the top real estate investors flipping deals in the area are….