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How To Take A Multidisciplinary Approach To Marketing

Of course, the CMO shouldn’t actually perform all of these roles — what he or she should do, however, is bring the perspective gained from one job to another to inform viewpoints and potentially stir up new ideas. When leaders have a firm grasp of the various roles their individual employees must perform in order for the team to function, they can recognize barriers that might emerge from a long way off and intervene to tear them down and ensure a steady flow of work. Not surprisingly, employees are happier when they can perform their jobs more effectively, and companies are more successful when their marketing teams are firing on all cylinders. Granted, expertise in a broad range of skill sets isn’t something that’s gained overnight. On top of that, marketing is an evolving field, and it waits for no CMO. That’s why taking a multidisciplinary approach is so critical — it’s a way of approaching your role as CMO that takes advantage of every bit of expertise at your disposal, from the sales department to web development to analytics. Develop the necessary skills. If you want to stay competitive in a field that evolves as rapidly as marketing, you need a wide set of applicable skills. So take a multidisciplinary approach to your professional development. Approach marketing tasks from different perspectives, viewing them through a multidisciplinary lens.