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How Best To Invest In Real Estate: Mid-America

In the economic sweepstakes it's usually California or Texas or Florida that get all the attention. Other than that special situation, and with the exception of booms in smaller markets - like Fargo with fracking - investors can expect steady returns in these places, without having to worry that they bought in at the wrong time. Aside from the very big cities, these are medium-sized markets where healthcare, government and colleges provide an outsized percent of local jobs. These stats can help investors decide how best to invest in each one. Looking first at population growth over the past three years, we see that few of these markets have done better than the US average of 3 percent. Average job growth for the US in the past year was 1.6 percent. In such a low-growth environment, investors in rental property mainly have to worry that they won't easily find renters. If you haven't already made your investment you need to factor the risk into the price you pay for the investment to begin with. We call that the Target Rent Range. If we look now at home prices, note that the change in home prices in the past year is a measure of demand for ALL kinds of housing, including rentals.