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5 Simple Ways to Make Your Rental More Attractive in Under...

Is your rental property a bit of a dump? Thankfully, these improvements don’t have to be costly or time intensive. Boost the Appeal of Your Rental Property When the bones of a house are good—i.e. So stop complaining that your rental never stays rented, or that the landlords nearby are getting a much higher rate for similar properties, and do something about it. Thankfully, curb appeal is one of the quickest things to fix. Related: 13 Proactive Ways to Increase Rent & Add Value to Your Rental Property 2. Fresh Paint Paint is cheap, easy for the average DIYer, and makes a huge aesthetic difference in the overall look and design of a rental property. This can be done very inexpensively, but will make even the oldest, dingiest spaces instantly look nicer. It also has a way of holding smells and making a rental seem old and worn. New Appliances Few things frustrate tenants quite like faulty appliances that stop working at the worst possible times.