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How to Boost Your Content Marketing Efforts By Planning Ahead

Throughout the series, we’ll be bringing you insights, tips, and perspectives from some of the top marketing minds to help guide your content marketing strategy. With each entry, you’ll quickly learn proven methods, taking you from the very beginning of the content planning cycle to post-publication amplification and optimization. In this piece, we explore the crucial planning stage that essential for content marketing success. Planning Your Content — Get A Jump Ahead By Stepping Back Having a solid plan in place is the foundation of any successful content marketing journey. Building a list of target sharers is a two-step process: 1) Reviewing your known contacts 2) Researching and qualifying others who would find your content relevant and share-worthy. Tactic 3: Plan Post Reuse In Advance Actionable Marketing Guide’s Chief Content Officer Heidi Cohen takes the time to plan out content reuse and even the creation of ancillary works. “From white papers and eBooks to blog posts and original or third-party research, all of that robust and niche content has the potential to be sliced, diced, and repurposed into something new and fresh.” Tactic 4: Use Target Audience Personas to Supercharge Your Content Calendar Understanding the pain points, needs, and attitudes of your target audience is critical if you want to develop a content strategy that wholly resonates. Those who don’t build distribution and sharing into the planning process risk losing out on a key element in the planning cycle. By taking the time to follow these steps — documenting your plan, building a sharer list, incorporating reuse ahead of time, using audience personas, and finding your best distribution options — you’ll gain a major advantage over those who skip over some or all of the planning stage. When you’re confident in your content planning process, you can move on to the crafting and creation portion of your campaign, and we’ll take a closer look at that stage in the next part of our Collective Wisdom series.