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The Multifamily Sector is Overheated—So I’m Turning to THIS Profitable Niche...

But I will say that we are looking at off-market deals, too, and most of them are just as overpriced as the marketed deals.) I’ve been studying Warren Buffett, and I’m writing a book on applying his wisdom to the real estate arena. We still believe in multifamily. But multifamily opportunities are few and far between at the time of this writing. We’ve located a profitable, risk-averse asset class. And we’ve vetted a team that has been operating in this asset class for decades. I wanted the opportunity to talk with several investors who have invested with the company for a number of full cycles (buy, operate, refinance, sell). My firm just partnered with quite a few of our investors to invest almost $3 million in one of their projects Wait… what about our multifamily investors? I know that many of our investors are focused specifically on multifamily, and that’s OK. We are still looking for multifamily deals every week. If you’ve been “storing up cash” for your next investment, you may want to consider checking out self-storage, too.