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Where Homes Are Flying Off the Market—and Where They’re Lingering Longest

But if you make updates, your home is more competitive.” Nationally, the median number of days on the market is falling—there are too many buyers and not enough properties for sale, particularly in booming tech hubs. She listed one home just outside the city limits for about $285,000. But prices seem to keep going up.” 5. Claremont, NH Median days on market: 138.8 Median list price: $245,300 The small town of Claremont has an idyllic downtown punctuated with historic buildings dating from the 1830s to the 20th century. In Claremont, the property tax rate is nearly a whopping $43 per $1,000 of home value, which is considered a factor in the low demand, according to Housing Solutions Real Estate, which sells property. But the median home prices are also much higher, at about $520,000. Homes are selling for about 97% of the list price. Although the city's population has increased 8.5% from 2010 to 2016, according to Census data, the city's median income, $37,780, is lower than the national median of $59,039 in 2016. Median days on market: 123 Median list price: $135,050 There are several reasons why homes in Rocky Mount sit longer on the market than in other cities in booming North Carolina, the fifth fastest-growing state in the country, according to Census data. * We looked at the monthly, median days on the market for each of the largest 300 metros.