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Is Multifamily a Good First Real Estate Investment?

It depends on their financial situation and the amount of time and sweat equity they might be willing to put into an investment. I always tell people that the best way for them to answer this question is to compare the pros and cons of multifamily investing with the pros and cons of another type of investment they might consider, such as single-family dwellings. Because there are multiple units, there is more cash flow. Everything in One Place With a multifamily property, there is only one lawn. Fairly Easy to Find Tenants Everyone needs a place to live, and as long as you invest in a decent area and have a decent property, you should be able to find rent-paying tenants. Multifamily Cons More Difficult to Finance Multifamily properties, especially properties with five units or more, are very different from single-family properties when it comes to financing. Further, almost all of the people buying multifamily properties are investors who are looking for a good deal. Also expect differing types of people problems depending on your market and class of property you buy. It depends on the investor. Are you considering multifamily as a first investment?