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How I Purchased a Portfolio of 9 Houses at Once

Finding the Deal This deal came to us in a very simple manner; a wholesaler emailed it to me. I’ve purchased plenty of properties from wholesalers by simply being on their email lists. Move Quickly When you get an email from a wholesaler with an interesting property, you can bet that a bunch of other people got the same email. In the past for example, when a wholesaler sent me a house that would have been a great deal, I got there right as another investor (who happens to be on BiggerPockets as well) was leaving. As soon as I had finished walking through the house I called and let the wholesaler know I would take it. Try to get in the property as soon as possible! Talk to the Seller I’ve found that with wholesalers, it’s usually easier to talk to the actual seller than it is when the property is listed with a real estate agent. But on one that may require terms such as seller-financing, or on a larger deal like this one, it is always a good idea to meet with the seller. We were only able to walk through two houses beforehand. On this deal, the seller agreed to let us walk each one and luckily the properties were more or less as expected.