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The Single Best Way to Sell Your Home This Fall, Revealed

You may have heard that spring and summer are the top home-selling seasons, and that fall is as dead as those leaves piling up on your lawn. But don’t be fooled. “Fall is actually a great time to sell your home,” says real estate agent Carola Encarnacion of DJK Residential in New York City. “There’s less competition, and the market is still very active.” So if your house is on the market right now, take heart! And heed what many experts say is the one best thing you can do to reel in buyers: Give your home an autumn upgrade with some staging. “Place a few potted mums in seasonal colors near the door, and add a simple, natural wreath made of faux leaves or even wheat,” she recommends. Think autumn, not Halloween It turns out that while autumn appears to be fairly universally loved, Halloween is not so much. Swap out summer hues with autumnal tones Changing leaves mean changing colors, Harris says. Scents of cinnamon, apple, and (let’s not forget the smell of the moment) pumpkin spice will all help potential buyers picture themselves baking up something luscious after an afternoon of apple picking. Surprise your visitors with something sweet “It’s become standard to see pasta or beans in clear glass jars in the kitchen, but consider placing a simple cylinder filled with candy corns or other colorful fall candies on a buffet,” Harris says.