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California’s Solar Roof Law Will Raise Housing And Energy Prices But...

California’s new solar roof mandate will make housing more expensive, increase electricity prices, and transfer wealth upwards. From 2011 to 2017, California’s electricity rates increased five times more than they did in the rest of the U.S. At the current rate California is adding homes, it would take over 100 years of solar roof-building to replace just the clean energy produced by the state’s two nuclear plants. New Solar Will Increase Housing and Electricity Prices California currently produces 16 percent of its electricity from solar. Five percent of the state’s electricity comes from solar roofs and 11 percent comes from solar farms — and solar roofs are twice as expensive as solar farms. California’s top energy economists say the main driver of higher electricity prices is the state’s heavy deployment of solar and other renewables. An additional driver of higher costs from adding solar and wind has been the costs of new transmission. In 2016, emissions from electricity produced within California decreased by 19 percent, but two-thirds of that decline came from increased production from the state’s hydro-electric dams due to it being a rainier year, and thus had nothing to do with the state’s energy policies. However, only 95 years would be required if the state manages to increase the rate of new homebuilding from 80,000 per year currently to 95,000 homes. In 2013, California’s top energy regulator — a Brown appointee — made a secret deal to close down San Onofre nuclear plant.