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Home prices soar in these cities, states

Homes.com President David Mele on how artificial intelligence is used to improve the home-search process. Home prices are still on the rise, but cost increases are greater for residents in some states’ housing markets than others. By June 2019, the financial and property data analytics firm forecasts prices will increase by another 5.1% nationwide. CoreLogic predicts prices in the state will rise by more than 9% over the period ending in June 2019. In Washington state, home prices increased by 12.1% over the course of the year ending in June, the second largest jump during that timeframe. Meanwhile, in Idaho, prices rose by 11.4%. Also experiencing double digit price increases? When it comes to specific metro areas, in the 12 months leading up to June, Las Vegas saw the biggest spike in prices, at 12.9%, followed by San Francisco at 11.2% and Denver at 8.1%. On the other end of the spectrum, Connecticut saw just a 0.1% increase in housing prices, the lowest of any state. In North Dakota, the average cost rose by just 1.2%, while home prices increased by 1.7% in Louisiana.