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How do you know if blockchain is right for your business?

Companies in the mortgage industry are investing in a variety of technologies to make their businesses more efficient, but many are still unsure about the potential of blockchain. Because it’s new, companies may not even know how to evaluate the benefits of blockchain to their business. Further, with successful proof of concepts across a variety of use cases, it is time for software providers and companies to explore practical implementations of blockchain technology. What’s worse is that there are so few Blockchain-as-a-Service companies providing practical solutions beyond consulting and white papers.” This is where the experimentation and wise spending DiClementi mentions in the roadmap play an important role. Business stakeholders can immediately evaluate the value to their business with the accompanied user interface that is flexible to users’ data format. Blockchain can easily be modified or fitted to your existing complex data, no extra work necessary. It’s simply not prudent to spend large sums of money on consulting if the end product cannot be built or maintained by the existing team. DiClementi pointed out that none of the companies using their products need blockchain developers. You don’t need the other companies you work with to benefit from blockchain, either. Bring them to the Factom team during the MBA Technology Conference at booth #447.