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7 Promising Signs the Home You’re Buying Will Have Good Resale...

That's why resale value should be an important consideration when house hunting. But if you do your best to predict how the house you're buying—and the neighborhood it's in—will appeal to future buyers, then future-you will be a whole lot happier. But one caveat: Good resale value is never a promise. The neighborhood's hopping... Pay attention to your surroundings when house hunting. "If you buy in an area that is not well-developed and doesn't have good infrastructure—like shopping close by—you will not have a high rate of return on the home," says Realtor® Patricia Vosburgh. "We advise against buying on a busy street or purchasing a home surrounded by commercial properties nearby," Vosburgh says. You have to factor in how much you'll spend on the home while living there—even if the market becomes red-hot. But a word to the wise: If you think you might someday sell your home, you'll want to factor in the school district before you buy. With good light, "there is always a good feeling—a feeling of embracing and belonging," she continues. "Look for a home with a floor plan that will appeal to families," says broker Kris Lindahl.