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Want To Downsize In Retirement? Problem One, Millennials Don’t Want Your...

Home is not really a place in itself. Home is a relationship between a person and a place. Many, if not most, older adults have lived in the same residence for decades. After so much time spent in the same place, our memories are transferred onto the objects and environment around us. Am I really giving up my castle?” It’s not just about the memories; it’s also about the stuff. In the process of downsizing or planning any move in retirement, we might discover that we have far, far more stuff -- our own stuff, our spouse’s stuff, our kids’ stuff -- than we realized. Moving in older age puts us to the formidable task of figuring out where to put all that stuff. Senior move managers exist for good reason: Without help, we may find that moving simply falls into the too-hard category, especially in later older age. But is the new place any better than the old one? Most of us probably won’t make a move in older age, but for those of us who do, it’s good to be aware of the particular challenges that we are likely to face.