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How real estate pros can help investor clients fine-tune their strategies

Are your clients struggling with their investment strategies? You can reinforce your value by helping them. After all, they don’t have the breadth of experience you do, and your wisdom will be graciously welcomed. For those who flip houses, a great rehab and plenty of showings is great, but it doesn’t guarantee a successful sale every time. If your clients don’t know certain strategies only apply in certain markets, they’re going to fail. A strategy needs to be intentionally crafted, implemented and continually fine-tuned along the way. You want your clients to understand that no strategy, no matter how perfect, will continue to work forever without being refined to match the natural flow of the market. Whether your client is a beginner or has some experience, here are tips to help them stay on top of their investment game: Help them to acknowledge what isn’t working Becoming attached to any strategy to the point you believe it’s infallible is dangerous. Any att...