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How My Investor Friend Grew a Student Housing Empire Using Private...

My one buddy who used to run the meetings with me not only became a pretty good speaker, but he also became good at raising private capital. In fact, I probably did more lending than borrowing. At first, we were raising money for commercial office condos and pools of notes. Residential lending was getting so strict that the only loans they wrote seemed to be FHA, owner occupied loans. What he quickly figured out was that the student housing cash flowed much better than apartments—and so that was the path he would take. The good news was my friend already had experience raising private money and doing rehabs, so this was going to be a piece of cake. Needless to say, the banks loved lending on a high cash flow, commercial property. Fast forward a few years, and my friend had several hundred student properties in a portfolio worth approximately $18-$20 million that he has a plan to pay off in a 10-12 year period. Related: Student Housing: What Investors Should Know About Pros, Cons & Profitability As you can see, a lot can be accomplished just from having the ability to raise private money the right way. So, let me ask you, what are you doing to grow your private money list?