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What Real Estate Investors Need To Know About The Impact Of...

Every aspect of our world has changed dramatically within a short span of time. Investors now have a variety of options that are making the market more accessible and creating an era of unprecedented opportunity for everyone. Most of us, if we’re lucky, get to invest in one real estate property at a time — the one we live in. Embracing The Shared Economy With this new wave of real estate startups, innovators are paving the way for online investing and technology to empower investors from all backgrounds to build their own portfolios quickly and at lower costs than ever before. By embracing fintech, real estate crowdfunding companies have democratized real estate investment by enabling more less-experienced investors to participate. The bad news is that the lower barrier to entry has allowed technology companies to enter the industry without a real estate background. Transformative Tech Ushers In A New Landscape Possibly the most exciting aspect of the fintech revolution is how it is changing customer behavior and increasing expectations at breakneck speed. Fintech makes possible lower-cost solutions that traditional real estate companies are slow to offer. Transformative technologies will continue to lower costs, increase operational efficiency and ensure that every industry continues to evolve in the name of progress. As fintech and real estate continue to evolve, we can expect the connections between buyers, renters, landlords and property owners to be transformed by blockchain, digital media and technology.