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10 ways to generate more real estate business

Looking for more ways to get real estate business and build your client database? Real estate author Ryan Snow shared 10 of the top ways to bring in business and boost sales on a recent podcast with Pat Hiban. Read on to discover what Snow recommends to real estate agents who need new real estate clients. To hear more of Ryan’s money-making ideas, including a way to generate $50,000 passively, listen to the podcast interview below. https://traffic.libsyn.com/hibandigital/Ryan_Snow2.mp3 The best ways to get real estate business Sphere of influence (SOI) SOI is one of the best sources of real estate business, especially for new agents. Be sure to add friends and family members to your database if you haven’t already. Just-sold scripts Selling homes is great for generating more business. Prospecting is so much easier when you’ve just sold a highly visible home in the area. Vender networks Creating relationships with local vendors is a good way to get ...