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Rent Or Buy: Three Questions To Ask When Exploring Your Options

Every day we can all go to the internet or listen to the radio to hear some expert say that a key to financial success is owning a home. What is your number? Your number is the amount of money you will need for your retirement. This number is different based on such variables as: Where do you plan to live when you retire? In order to find your number you will need to account for some very important variables. They won't necessarily make the choice between buying or renting for you, but they will be just as integral as a real estate agent, who brings the knowledge to help you make housing decisions. Like the number, the plan is different for everyone. For some, their plan will be to move as jobs, income or lifestyles change within a relatively short amount of time. Most would advise renting in those circumstances, but not necessarily is that always the right advice. Can you rent to live and own to invest?