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9 Important Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Embark On A...

If you're getting ready to renovate, or just thinking about a few possibilities, you've got some decisions to make. Keep in mind that wood is classic and relatively easy to take care of. But, it can scratch easily depending on the type of wood and the finish—and especially if you have dogs. Gray or beige The search for the perfect neutral is wrought with challenge. Granite or quartz This one's easy. After many years at the top, granite has been replaced. Gas or electric When it comes to cooking, chefs swear by the performance of gas stoves, but electric does have its advantages - mostly from an easy-cleanup standpoint. Chrome, nickel, brass…or black Choosing your finishes today can be more challenging than ever because there isn't one must-have option. Are you the type to finish what you start or are you likely to give up along the way? But this denies you the pleasure of enjoying those updates while you still live there!