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How Shifting Social Media Algorithms Favor LinkedIn Over Facebook

But it does mean that marketers who use Pages are going to have to change their reach strategy into an engagement strategy. If marketers who use Pages don't make these adjustments, then NewsFeed's updated social ranking algorithm will leave them hanging out to dry, especially in an environment where Facebook ads and live video are preferred fruit. But if you look more closely, using Ctrl + F to scroll through all instances of the terms "Facebook" and "LinkedIn," we see that one of the biggest trends in the survey of social media marketing predictions is how often Facebook is mentioned in a less favorable light, while LinkedIn is mentioned in a more favorable light. Of the 58 times Facebook is mentioned over the course of 33 social media influencers' predictions: Facebook was mentioned in an unfavorable light approximately 17 times, or around 30% of the time it was discussed. Around 30% of all mentions were also favorable. But of the 41 times LinkedIn is mentioned over the course of 33 social media influencers' predictions: LinkedIn was mentioned in an unfavorable light 0 times. Favorable mentions tended to cite LinkedIn's growing pool of users, organic reach potential, and simple algorithm. Dennis Yu's prediction illustrates this trend in sentiment toward social media marketing for LinkedIn in 2018: All that is to say, going into 2018, social media influencers' preferences are tilting toward LinkedIn rather than Facebook. And while a couple of people's predictions certainly don't mean that social media marketers will jump ship overnight from Facebook to LinkedIn, it does reflect that changing social media algorithms are shifting the attitudes of a few key influencers. How might shifting social media algorithms be changing your social media marketing preferences?