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How to build a brand identity as a brand new team

You created a real estate team because you wanted to offer customers a unique service, and you do. You probably also sought to take others under your wing, and help them to excel like you have. Most importantly, you wanted your clients to understand that you have a solid group of agents who share your dedication to providing superior service. Unfortunately, you can’t just cross your fingers and hope people know all of this. You have to carefully craft a brand identity that supports the image you want clients to have of your team. Creating a brand identity A brand identity is what makes a business special and unique, and thereby separates it from the competition. Without a well-developed identity, your target audience is unlikely to understand what your real estate team has to offer. Therefore, you need to dedicate time and money to creating brand elements that will encourage the perception you want prospective clients to have. Now, before you argue that you’re just start...