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Everything You Need to Know About Subdividing Your Land

What is a Subdivision? These legal definitions are important, because they will also define the rules that one must follow to legally complete a subdivision. How to Subdivide No matter where you are, the beginning of any subdivision process is going to begin with a description of the land being subdivided. Next, check your local regulations. One is zoning, and the other is subdivision regulations. No matter what they are called, these regulations are specifically designed to regulate the subdivision of land. If you find that no regulations exist, as may be the case in many rural areas, you can simply write up a legal description of the area you wish to subdivide — often using the legal description described above, place that description on a deed and have it recorded at your local courthouse. If the land you want to subdivide is zoned for one acre minimum lots, you are not going to be able to subdivide into 10,000-square-foot lots. These regulations as you may have guessed will spell out the legal requirements to subdivide your land. Once your plat is approved and recorded at the local courthouse, then you can write deeds and sell of the new tracts.