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4 Ways Investors Can Help Alleviate the Affordable Housing Crisis (&...

Here are four ideas on ways real estate investors can help alleviate the affordable housing crisis—and make money in the process. With crowdfunding, the investor can often specifically invest in projects that will bring more affordable housing online. So, even though you may not have the funds to fix and flip a new affordable housing project on your own, with crowdfunding you can be one of several investors who help get the project off the ground. When you invest, you are helping not only individual homeowners but also the community by positively impacting affordable housing in the neighborhood. Housing experts and government officials believe investment in Opportunity Zones will help prompt development of affordable housing. Related: How the Dire Future of the Retail Market Could Solve the Housing Affordability Crisis Projects in Opportunity Zones will be eligible for funding through Opportunity Funds. Opportunity Funds create benefits for both investor and community. Opportunity Funds allow investors to defer federal taxes on any recent capital gains until December 31, 2026, reduce that tax payment by up to 15%, and pay as little as zero taxes on potential profits from an Opportunity Fund if the investment is held for 10 years. Affordable Housing via Fix and Flips and Long-Term Rentals There are direct opportunities for real estate agents, investors, and builders to be more socially conscious and to have a positive impact on affordable housing through regular business dealings. What other investments have you come across that could help create more affordable housing?