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7 ways to turn a webinar into a stream of link-attracting...

Doesn’t matter if we’re talking about images, articles, blog posts or videos. Producing large quantities sometimes causes a decrease in quality if a marketing department isn’t diligent. It’s generally agreed that quality is more important than quantity when it comes to content, but it never hurts to have both if possible. One excellent way to publish frequent, high-value content is to create webinars. Once a webinar has been produced, your creative team can repurpose and optimize it into several pieces of valuable content. Let’s take a look at the process and ways to break a single webinar into multiple pieces of quality content that can be used to support your search engine optimization (SEO) and link-building efforts. Join the martech community April 23-25 in San Jose and tackle digital transformation at the intersection of marketing and technology. MarTech delivers vendor-agnostic insights and marketing, technology and management topics designed to help you succeed. Save the date now! About The Author