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Cheap House Improvements Under $500 That Will Increase the Value

Before you begin your house improvements... We'll offer this pre-project tip that will make your life a lot easier: declutter. Make a splash in the bathroom The bathroom is one of the most visited rooms in your home, and just a few changes can make it one of the most functional and stylish rooms as well. “If it is concrete, that surface can be cleaned up and painted. Throw an inexpensive area rug down, and the room will be updated immediately.” Tiling is another budget-friendly flooring update for your kitchen or bathroom. “Porcelain and stone are very inexpensive,” says Alan Zielinski, owner and president of Better Kitchens in Niles, IL, who adds that linoleum floors are also very cost-effective, and come in several styles. Customize your cabinets Another inexpensive bathroom and kitchen update to tackle? So, what color should you paint them? Add architectural details You can use wainscoting, shiplap, and crown molding to add craftsmanship to your home. “Adding inexpensive new lighting fixtures in areas with a lot of visibility in the house can have a large impact on a home’s value,” says Shayanfekr. “I would say paint is the No.