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3 Surprising Downsides of Living in New York City’s Tallest Apartment...

Central Park Tower's 279 residences will range in size from 1,435 square feet to over 17,500 square feet, priced from $6.5 million to over $100 million. But at least according to some real estate agents, Central Park Tower will not only be the tallest, but the most deluxe residence of them all. "This is the best building to be delivered in the next couple of years," says New York City-based luxury real estate agent Dolly Lenz. But living on top of the world (or at least the Big Apple) may not be all it's cut out to be. Here are a few surprising downsides to consider. But skyscrapers are going to sway, and Central Park Tower is no exception—maybe 3, 4, or 5 feet." While swaying in a building 95 stories up might give some the heebie-jeebies, at least Central Park Tower is not as skinny as the supertalls at 432 Park Ave. and 111 West 57th, since this makes the swaying seem all the more precarious. "Central Park Tower is much wider, so it's a more comforting building in that regard," Lenz says. The long elevator rides—or, god forbid, stairs Another concern for some might be the elevator ride—which, to the top, is nearly a third of a mile straight up. You're so high, you might not see much of anything at all Last but not least, living this high up could actually obstruct those fantastic views.