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Real Estate Investment: 10 things to check before buying a home

However, as it is one of the largest investments one can make, it is imperative for home buyers to carefully evaluate every single detail, from costs, government policies, taxes to the loan plans. Days are gone when the home buying decision was largely influenced by real estate agents. In present times, the investing decision of the buyers is majorly driven by the latest amenities which the projects offer. Also online, one can easily gather information about property prices, processes of acquiring a property, documents required during the transactions. Hence, before making a final investment, we need to consider several factors such as the residential location, amenities, views, infrastructure status, surroundings, proximity to commercial and recreational centres, transportation facilities, potential capital appreciation, developer, and most importantly, the budget. Investment Purpose Buying a property is an attractive investment proposition. Additional Costs After a buyer completely understands the crux of the property acquiring cost, he also needs to consider the post occupation cost. There needs to be a provision for the later costs which accrue from various expenses like fit out costs, interior costs, maintenance costs, property insurance if any, mortgage payments in case of loan availed. This enables the customer to get a good insight into the project before making a purchase decision. Customer Protection Implementation of RERA has made the industry extremely transparent and ensures customer protection.