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A Good Mix of Content Yields the Greatest Social Media ROI

Social media is too easy to make big mistakes—yet more than half of REALTORS® polled in a recent Realtors Property Resource® (RPR®) study said they aren’t getting the expected ROI on their social media investments. Actually, the answer is simple. “Market activity reports, neighborhood data, buying and selling tips, and home improvement ideas offer agents a chance to communicate both market knowledge and valuable information to potential buyers and sellers, building a lasting relationship over time.” Here are Nicolay’s top five strategies for REALTORS® who want to consistently engage and grow their spheres of influence above and beyond posting listings: Build a 3Ps social media bucket. Position yourself as a subject-matter expert. Post less about listings and more about the market, like housing data and neighborhood activity. Keep it simple. Also, join groups on topics that relate to you. Creating a custom audience on Facebook is easy. Don’t be camera-shy. Video marketing is more persuasive, increases sales, and will boost standings on Google search.