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Buying a Remodeled Home? 5 Signs It’s a Smart Move—or a...

That said, after nearly a year of living in my house, I (mostly) love it. The major systems are in working order Whether you’re looking for your first home or you’re a seasoned pro, it's easy to get dazzled by brand-new finishes, flooring, and the smell of new paint. But kitchens are expensive to remodel—and if the job was DIY, there's a strong chance that corners were cut. From there, check the backsplash. Finally, take a good look at the appliances. If you’re viewing a full kitchen remodel that seems to have pulled out the stops on high-end finishes, the appliances should match. (I lived in my house for five months before I realized the guest bathroom shower tiles weren’t level.) According to Bill, the shut-off valves, supply lines, and P-traps should generally be replaced during a major remodel. The finishes are pristine “Better attention to detail on the finishes is typically a good indicator on how much the contractor cared about the project as a whole,” Bill says. Finally, get the house blessed by your real estate agent before you make an offer.