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4 Ways Systems Make Landlording Easier, Simpler & More Profitable

Systems are repeatable processes that guide how a business operates at all times. To use the Starbucks example once again, because they have defined within their system what syrups to use in their Peppermint Hot Chocolate, the barista doesn’t need to think too long and hard about how the drink should be made. Customers come to expect this, employees have less chance of screwing it up, and the consistency makes everyone much happier. If you have no system for dealing with this question, you’ll be forced to make a decision on the fly, which may not be the best choice for your business. Instead, if your system has identified this potential question and determined a process for dealing with it, the stressful situation becomes just a routine answer. It frees up management’s time. And tenants are thankful when their landlord has systems and processes because they know what to expect and how to get what they need. And yes, you DO want your tenants to be happy. Related: Let Go to Grow: Building Systems to Expand Your Real Estate Business Of course, not everything is predictable, but systems allow a business to stay level throughout the year. These are repeatable processes that we use in our landlording business and that have been developed over many years.