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Why hacking social media algorithms is a losing strategy

What is a social media algorithm hack? To get more specific, I’m talking about any tactics or practices that attempt to circumvent or overcome limits or restrictions on reach or follower growth built into a platform’s algorithms — particularly those algorithms that control what is shown in the platform’s feed and to whom. Why did social networks develop feed algorithms? Why do marketers use algorithm hacks? Social media consultants, experts and tool creators increasingly shifted away from the time-proven fundamentals of real marketing to create and promote various tricks and hacks to try to bring back the “good old days.” Parallels to SEO In a number of ways, what was happening in the social media marketing world was a recapitulation of what had occurred in the world of search years before. A great example of this is the idea that enticing users top post the word “Congrats!” in the comments of a post increases the reach of that post. Some hacks might actually get you more reach or increase your number of followers or get you more engagement on your posts. Hacks don’t align with real business goals Sure, a particular hack might (for a while) increase your reach on a social network. So it appears that even Facebook’s own “hack” for followers can’t guarantee the followers it gains are truly relevant to your page’s target market. Build your social media strategy for the long term It’s time social media marketers adopted the same attitude.