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How To Make Working Vacations Work For Your Real Estate Business

There are many benefits to taking a vacation — stress relief, time to recharge, moments to connect with family and friends — but where is the balance between serving clients and taking time to enjoy life? A working vacation: time when an individual brings their office along with them while traveling, handling only the most important of business and allowing all else to be responded with a cordial out-of-office reply. Many real estate agents are used to the working vacation, trying to close deals from their cellphones while sitting on a beach, but the benefits of handling things while away are tremendous. First, a working vacation allows you to build connections with others in your office. Business can easily be handled with ease from a cellphone, meaning one no longer must travel to the office to write, scan or print contracts. Personally, my email signatures include a line-by-line summary of what a person is signing on a contract. I can send that email following an emailed contract, and in just a few moments of editing, my client can know what they are signing without an in-person consultation. While you're traveling, clients will likely be accommodating in working with you. To reap the benefits of a working vacation, it's wise to hire an assistant. Your assistant is able to cover you while on vacation — so take advantage of that opportunity.