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These Are the 10 Best Places to Live in America Right...

As millennials age, it’s not a question of whether they will settle down. A couple strolls through downtown Rogers, Ark. Courtesy of the Rogers-Lowell Area Chamber of Commerce It’s not lifestyle choice that’s driving buyers from big cities, says Susan Wachter, a professor of real estate at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. “You can’t necessarily become a homeowner and live in Manhattan,” she says. “Millennials, in general, are moving where they still have the ability to buy.” Whether you’re a millennial in the market for the first time or just looking for a thriving spot to resettle your family, MONEY wants to help. And we added a new metric that directly compares home prices with income—emphasizing the kind of balance that makes a community a good fit for working families. As it turns out, the best places to find a job, buy a house, and settle down are large suburbs or small cities where the cost of living is proportional to income. Take, for example, this year’s top spot: Frisco, Texas. While there’s a lot to love about Frisco, part of its appeal is the city’s relatively low cost of living compared with its higher incomes and booming job growth. If you’re considering a move, we hope this ranking, filled with towns and cities that offer jobs, affordable living, and community, give you the tools you need to find your perfect place.