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Best Tech Cities for Real Estate Investing: An Analysis of 6...

Tech. Tech. Tech. Those six cities are Denver, Salt Lake City, Seattle, Phoenix, Austin, and Portland. All and all, Denver appears to be a strong tech market with good indicators on investing. Salt Lake City Salt Lake City is strong on six of the 10 tech investment metrics, showcasing well in the following categories: rent-to-income, taxes, insurance value, unemployment, population growth, and an educated population. Those are both negatives, but I still love Salt Lake City for its real estate potential. It also has incredible population growth (second only to Salt Lake City) and strong appreciation. Phoenix definitely does not have enough going for it as an investment, much less a tech investment. And all metrics are not created equal, so we really care about unemployment, crime, population growth and tech growth—all of which are strong for both Denver and Austin.

Rental Rates on the Rise