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5 Ways To Keep Building Your Local Real Estate Investing Reputation

Below please see the 5 ways to continue building your local real estate investing reputation. Get Involved at Local Real Estate Investor Groups From my experience, deals, leads, friendships, best friendships, acquaintances, questions answered, new businesses, mentors, and a sense of personal accomplishment have come from on-and-off involvement within local real estate investor groups. Aim to find out about other people and spend time learning about active people and potential future friends. Pro Tip: Active real estate investors like to be around other active real estate investors. Aim to get phone numbers in order to talk real estate later. Asking questions may help people remember you. Understand where all your incoming calls found your phone number to track which advertising mediums are superior over others in this specific area during this time of the year. Do people know they can call you if they have certain questions, updates, or specific leads? Set a goal to make a specific number of “successful calls” every day to people who may likely bring you leads/opportunities in the future. People you may wish to make calls to often include: Realtors/brokers Other real estate investors Sellers and buyers you have already spoken with New sellers who fit your criteria Certain banking departments (depending on your specific real estate investing business) Handymen or handywomen All other human lead sources (depending on your specific real estate investing business) The goal of these calls is to let others know when/where they should contact you if/when they find specific leads or they have permission to pass along your phone number to any serious sellers.