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7 inside tips for working with millennial buyers

When people talk about millennials, it’s easy to picture older teenagers or young college students. Millennials have a reputation for being unsure about their place in the world and needing constant guidance, but as time goes on, this stereotype is becoming less and less true. Millennials were born between 1982 and 2000, which means while some millennials are just entering college this year, the clear majority are out of college and in the “real world.” They’re working full-time jobs and looking ahead to their next major commitments. Many are finding themselves looking to buy houses, which could change how the homebuying process works. Below are some things millennials need that other generations don’t, so the process can go more smoothly for everyone. An easy-to-navigate website Millennials grew up as the first generation to live most of their lives on the internet. They’ve seen everything from dial-up to smartphones, so they know how much of an advantage the inte...