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8 Tech Innovations That Make Life Easier for Landlords

For many, it's a full-time job that includes collecting rent on time, finding reliable tenants, and making sure maintenance is done quickly. Package landlord solutions like Cozy (free for landlords, $25 to $40 for credit checks), Rentalutions (up to $50 a month), and Rentalfy ($9 to $119 a month) all include online applications and background checks, as well as assistance listing and marketing the rental unit. Thankfully, digital rent collection allows tenants to pay with their computer or phone, direct from their bank account to the landlord's. According to Cozy (which also offers digital rent collection), on average 10% to 20% of tenants pay rent late, but Cozy's users get their rent late less than 1% of the time. Online maintenance requests let tenants contact their landlord about problems as they arise, including uploading pictures of what's going wrong. For property managers or landlords with lots of units, SMS Assist streamlines the maintenance process, including offering a network of affiliate contractors who can do the necessary work on the property. Financial apps and document storage Financial apps like Property Buddy ($9 to $170) are designed specifically with landlords and property managers in mind. Online inspection apps For landlords managing multiple properties, online inspection apps like Z Inspector (up to $12 a month) and HappyCo ($99-plus a month) keep track of move-in and move-out inspections. Smart detectors like Nest Protect will send push notifications if there's a smoke or carbon monoxide alert, so you can check up on your tenants and be sure everything's OK. Or, you can set it up to connect to your tenants' phones, so they can feel extra-safe and be alerted immediately if there's a problem. Smart thermostats If you pay for your tenants' heat or electricity, installing a smart thermostat like Nest ($170 to $250) can save you money by helping tenants be more energy-efficient.