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11 Mortifying Home Buyer Behaviors That Make Real Estate Agents Cringe

Want proof? Just ask their real estate agents, who are often witness to a variety of home buyers' odd, off-putting behaviors that can jeopardize the deal they apparently hope will come to pass. Recently we shared some of the cringe-inducing moments that agents have experienced with sellers—and boy, were some of them doozies. But buyers, guess what? Anyone's home. You broke something in a seller's home, Part 2 “I had a client try to test the shower pressure during a showing—and ended up breaking off the faucet handle, with the water on and no way to turn it off! Just wait for the inspector to test this type of thing.” – Charlie Panoff, Triplemint Real Estate, New York, NY 3. Unfortunately the sellers also had a dog, and even though it wasn’t there at the time, the scent made the buyers' dog crazy. Buyers need to remember that home prices depend on many factors such as location, features, the rarity of the property, and most importantly, the current market.” – Brett Ari Fischer, Lee & Associates Residential, New York, NY 7. Instead, home buyers need to ask themselves, ‘Will I be upset if somebody else nabs this property because I wasn’t fast enough?’ If the answer is no, then it may not be their dream home.