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Is the Super Bowl a win for local real estate?

Besides being one of America’s most-watched broadcasts in history, The Super Bowl casts far-reaching implications beyond what actually happens on the football field. Businesses in Minneapolis -- this year’s host city -- will be packed to the brim with raucous fans taking in the full scope of the celebration, which means a spike in hotel prices, parking and that commemorative foam finger from street vendors. A piece of the pie With all that tremendous economic opportunity, does the real estate industry get a piece of that boom? According to Teresa Boardman, broker and owner of Boardman Realty in St. Paul, the citywide event has actually been a bit of an impediment on business. “Right now we have some opportunities to list homes that will have to wait until after the big game because of roads being closed off for the Super Bowl,” she said. “With other events going on in town and the extreme cold, many of us do not want to leave our homes.” Boardman said the cit...